Fantastic Morning

The children have had a fantastic morning at school, they all came in and settled really well. We enjoyed exploring the classroom and outdoor area, especially the sandpit today. We have lots of fun playing in the playground at play time and sat beautifully while having our snack and enjoying a story. We cannot wait to do it all again tomorrow! 🙂



Hello everyone,

Thank you for attending the ‘nearly there clubs,’ I hope your child enjoyed getting know their new classroom environment and making some new friends.

Just a reminders for tomorrow.

The children need to come to school in their school uniform, I will be waiting at the main gate ready to greet the children.

Please can children bring a water bottle and a healthy snack to school this week. Fruit will be provided for the children as a snack from next week.

Children can bring in their ‘shoe boxes’ containing a few small items and some photos tomorrow. Please do not worry if you haven’t started making them yet, this could be a project for you and your child over the weekend.

I hope all of the children are looking forward to starting school! We cannot wait to get to everyone and have lots of fun.

Many thanks, Miss Oliver 🙂


Nearly There Club

Hello everyone, welcome to the Reception blog! 🙂

I will update this regularly with any information and reminders you will need. I will also share our learning throughout the year including some fantastic photos of the children.

We can’t wait to meet you all at our ‘Nearly there clubs’ 🙂
Thanks, Miss Oliver and Mrs Mannion



It has been a real pleasure to spend the school year getting to know and watching your children grow. Despite the unusual circumstances it has been an absolute pleasure to teach your children this year, we were so sad that our time was cut short! I couldn’t have asked for a better first class of my own, all of the children were so so so lovely and special, we have had lots of fun and laughter together this year.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support this year, we have been blessed to work with such lovely children and parents.

Lastly a huge thank you for your lovely gifts and best wishes, you are all so kind and thoughtful!

We hope you have a lovely summer break, keep safe.
Best wishes, Miss Oliver and Mrs Mannion 🙂 xx



The Zebras have had a fantastic time back in school, they have really enjoyed playing and learning together. We have loved seeing their happy smiley faces! 🙂


Star Learners

Thank you for all of the lovely home learning photos this week. It looks like the children have had a fantastic time engaging with Room on the broom. I know we certainly did in school! I am so proud of all of the children’s efforts and achievements with their learning both in school and at home! Thank you for your continued support, and making learning so exciting for the children. I know how challenging this will have been at times.

I am extremely grateful that most of the children have had the opportunity to be back in school with their friends for the last couple of weeks of school. It has been so lovely to spend some time and have fun with the children. They have been such a wonderful class and myself and Mrs Mannion will really miss them all next year!!!



What a wonderful few days at school! We have been busy practicing our addition and subtraction, reviewing our phonics sounds and writing some super sentences. We also really enjoyed learning about how God created the world in seven days, and we drew pictures to show the precious things he created. One of our favourite activities was making positions in the outdoor area whilst practicing our colour mixing. Check out our gyrocopters flying!!



The Zebras have had a fantastic time in school. We started the week with a whole school Zoom assembly which caused lots of excitement with some lovely prayers, singing and even a bit of dancing. We have practiced our adding and subtracting, phonics sound and sentence writing. We enjoyed playing in the provision and flying our gyrocopters in the outdoor area. We have also done some lovely RE learning drawing all of the different things that God created in our precious world. We sang ‘He’s got the whole world in his hands.’ Which was a really big hit! We love coming to school 🙂