We have had another lovely week in school. This week we have started our phonics lessons, all of the children are doing an amazing job! We have also started our ‘maths meetings’ discussing days of the week, the weather and began investigating numbers. In RE we have been talking about our families and how we are all different and special to God. We have also loved sharing our memory boxes so thank you for making them. The children absolutely loved them and it helped the children to find a common ground to begin build relationships and enabled me to really get to know the children.

We apologise about the Phonics PowerPoint but we will be sending this out very soon. This is a very detailed presentation on how we teach the phonics and it will support you with everything you need to know about supporting your child at home. Do always email or telephone with questions.

I have had to create a new blog page, to enable me to upload all of the lovely photos of the children’s learning. It is called Reception 2020 on the blogs tab on the school website. Please follow the link below.

Many thanks, have a lovely weekend 🙂
Miss Oliver 🙂

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