Morning routine and clothing

Just a reminder that when I have welcomed the children in the morning I close the side wooden gate. If this is closed when you arrive at school please bring your child to the main entrance to be signed in. Please do not open the gate. Thank you

Also a plea that you name all clothing. We have a few jumpers and cardigans without names. Thank you.



Rugger Eds

The children had a great taster session with RuggerEds this week. Look out for the certificate that came home tonight as it has a voucher attached. The Rugger Eds team are fantastic and the children always have fun.




W/b 1.10.18


In RE this week we drew our topic to a close. We had been talking all about how precious we are to God and how he knows us by our name and that everyone is different. We also talked about our families and the fact that we are a class family. The children have loved accessing the different activities associated with this topic. 

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In our maths sessions this week we have been playing different games with a partner. This one was hiding cheese in a sock for the 3 blind mice and the children had to guess how many pieces of cheese had been hidden. They are learning to work very well with a partner.

We have been looking at Autumn and the changes happening around us. We are going to keep our eye on the big tree in our outside area to see what happens throughout the year.

As part of our Autumn work I would like the children to take Autumn selfies when they are out and about at the weekend. If they spot signs of Autumn please could you take a selfie and email it to me l.mckerrow@stwilfridssheffield.co.uk please. 

Today was national poetry day  and we had a lovely opportunity to share books with the year 6 children. Both age groups really enjoyed their session together.




welcome assembly

Just a reminder that is it our welcome assembly this Friday at 9 am. this is a special time for our new Reception children and their families to be welcomed into the school family. It would be lovely to see as many of you as possible. The assembly will last about half an hour.

On Wednesday I am planning to take the children down to our school woods to have a look around. Please could your child bring in a pair of named wellies in a carrier bag so that they can get changed into them in the afternoon. We do have some spare wellies in school if you do not have a pair at home.

This week we have started to introduce more structure to our days and the children have had their first phonics sessions and maths mastery session today. They were all brilliant and listened and participated well in both of these sessions.

From next week our PE session is changing from  Friday to  Monday afternoon.

I hope you are getting to hear all about what we are doing in school.


W/b 10.9.2018

The children have taken very well to full time and although are beginning to show signs of tiredness are trying their hands at all the activities on offer throughout the day. They are coping well with all of our routines and are already becoming very independent, which is great. Hopefully they are coming home and telling you all about what they have been up to !

I am looking forward to posting photographs on our blog so that you can see what is actually going on. We are just waiting for all the official forms to be returned before I have the go ahead. So watch this space. I will attempt to post on the blog once a week.

Just some information about the start of the day. When the morning bell goes the children can make their way to the side gate where I will meet them and open the gate. If we can work towards them being left here and coming in on their own by next week this would be great. They will be supported by the adults in the classroom to sort themselves out and to settle happily. If you happen to arrive after the bell and the side gate is closed please do not open it but instead enter school through the main entrance and sign  your child in at the office.

Don’t forget we are always available if you have any queries or questions.