W/b 27.3.17

This week we have been learning about tortoises and our writing focus has been about creating a fact file. The children are really coming on with their independent writing and with encouragement are using their phonics knowledge to segment the sounds in words they are writing. We are also working hard on letter formation.

In  our RE we have started the Easter story and I hope that the children have been telling you the story so far. They are brilliant with their responses and it is always a joy to tell them a story. They are very reflective listeners in RE and even at this young age are very mature with their reactions.

We were very lucky this afternoon to be visited by Jessica’s Mum who told us all about her job as a doctor and taught us some very useful information about our bodies. The children were very enthusiastic and were very interested in what they were being taught.

Finally our week ended with being awarded the Golden broom!!! Well done Reception.




Science week

This week has been science week in school. This was actually kicked off last Friday with a brilliant afternoon spent with some Hallam University Physiotherapy students who came in to tell us all about our bodies, the skeleton and how the heart and lungs function. the children had a fun afternoon and learnt lots.

Our science this week has been all about observing and what changes they can see happening. It has been a wonderful weather this week and the children have loved our new little garden outside made up of pots that we planted bulbs in way back i n October. They have all started to grow now much to the amazement of the children


We have carried out lots of work this week from making skeletons to observational drawings of daffodils to 2 science experiments that involved observing changes.

Making lava lamps was great fun especially when they exploded!

Ask the children about our magic experiment to move water. We amazed to see the new colours made too.

Then to top the week off we were joined by Zuza’s Mum from year 1 who is a vet. She came along to talk about her job and brought some special visitors with her. Pepsi the dog and 4 guinea pigs. Who says never work with children and animals !!

All in all a very good week especially with such fabulous weather for 4 of the days.






We are creating new areas in our outdoor area this half term. As we do there are a few resources that we need to enhance the learning. If you have any of these at home that you no longer use or need, please could you donate them to school.

1 Bathroom scales – They don’t need to be accurate but would make a great addition to our check in area in our airport.

2 Old suitcases

3 Tarpaulins

Any help with these would be greatly appreciated



Pancake Day

We have talked about Shrove Tuesday today in class and why we have pancakes today. This afternoon we made pancakes and the children chose from a variety of toppings.

img_1608 img_1607 img_1606 img_1595 img_1591 img_1590 img_1589 img_1586 img_1582 img_1576img_1624 img_1625 img_1626 img_1627 img_1620 img_1621 img_1622 img_1616 img_1617-copy img_1618 img_1615-copy-2


Open afternoon

Thank you so much for the family members who visited our classroom this week. It was so lovely to have you come and join us. Please do not worry if you could not make it ,we completely understand the commitments that parents have. I do plan to hold these sessions half termly and will make sure that we run them on different days which may help some of you who work part time.

I was very proud of the children who did a great job of tour guides. It was lovely to see how confident they were describing what went on in our classroom and all the activities on offer. I hope you all enjoyed the little insight into our phonics teaching. As always I am always here if you have any questions.


img_1442 img_1443 img_1444 img_1446 img_1447 img_1477 img_1479 img_1480 img_1481 img_1482 img_1483 img_1553 img_1554 img_1557 img_1562

A very big thank you also to everyone who contributed to our Great Saint Wilfrid’s Bake Off. The cakes were amazing!! We loved having  buns and cakes at our snack time – that was a real treat. Well done to Wyatt who won the prize for best cake in Foundation and KS1. A  huge achievement with a new baby in the house !!

img_1567 img_1568 img_1569 img_1570 img_1571


Activity for over the holidays

In school we are constantly building up a picture of the children in our care. We are getting to know their individual characters, their interests, how they learn and how they approach different tasks. Also we try and link some of their learning to their individual interests and what they want to find out about.

In order to create a bigger picture of each of the children in the class it is important to gather information from home. Over half term I would like the children to begin to create a book ‘All About Me’ that will continue to grow as the year continues.

This book can take any format you like e.g scrapbook and should include photos, drawings, things of interest, children’s  writing. It is an extension of the Treasure boxes brought in at the beginning of the year. We will keep these books in school and the children will be able to refer to them and share them on a regular basis with others in the class. The books will then be returned home either at holidays or if the children want to take them back for updating and adding to before returning them back to school to share. Please be as adventurous as you want with these and there is no right or wrong way of doing them.  The aim is for the children to enjoy creating and sharing them and to be individual to them. They will also be a great way for us to have a deeper understanding of your child.



Just a reminder that you are invited to  drop in to class tomorrow from 2pm to have a look round and see some of the activities that your child may have told you about.

Also on Thursday please don’t forget it is our Great Saint Wilfrid’s Bake off. Our class theme is chocolate and strawberries!

On a more serious note over the last few weeks we have had a number of children putting things in their mouths from pen lids to cubes etc. We regularly talk about the dangers of putting things other than food and drink in our mouths and the risk of choking. Please could you reiterate this message at home with your child and talk to them about the dangers. Thank you