Our assembly and other info

Thank you for attending our class assembly. I was so proud of all the children who were amazing. It is a very big thing to perform in front of a packed hall when your are only 4/5 years of age and I think everyone one of them did such a good job.

Next Thursday is sports day. We will be having ours with the rest of KS1 in the morning. I will send PE kits home on Monday so that the children can come in them on Thursday ready for our morning.

Sorry to our Friday readers who did not get their books changed today. Unfortunately I was out of class this afternoon running the Nearly Their Club for next years children and so there wasn’t chance to change the books. However this will be done on Monday if you could send their reading material in.

This is the last week of story sacks as we will be collecting them in next week so that we can audit and repair them for September. Each year we have to replace items as they become worn or broken if you have anything at home that would suit a story sack and you no longer need it we would appreciate any donations. These could include small figures, jigsaws, games, vehicles etc. We are not as desperate for books. Thank you




Class assembly

I sent home words from our class assembly with some of the children on Thursday for them to practise at home. Please could you check whether your child has any. If they do could you help them practise the words in a big load voice.

Just a reminder that it is our class assembly this Friday at 9.00am. You are all very welcome to come and watch and we would love to see you all there.


world cup draw

Just to let you know we had a whole school world cup draw to allocate each class teams for the World Cup. We picked out Portugal, Mexico and Croatia. We are doing okay so far so fingers crossed we will do well with our selection.


First week back

I hope you all had a lovely half term. The children are loving the new activities in both our inside provision and our outdoor space. The children were able to access the outdoor activities lots last week so fingers crossed this good weather will continue.

The children particularly enjoyed exploring the new weaving activity  outside which links with our ARTS topic this term. It was lovely to see them working this out together and persevering with this new skill.

Our new role play Airport has also gone down a storm too. With passport control, baggage check area and our actual plane. Lots of fun to be had.

Just a reminder that it is our class assembly on the 22nd June at 9.00am. It would be lovely to see you all there.


W/b 14.5.18

What a busy week! I am so incredibly proud of all the children this week as they have done an amazing job with their writing. We have had a week back in class for our Literacy and we have  not split up for our phonics sessions like we normally do. This has meant we have been able to concentrate on a story together and from that written some of our own stories. Our focus for the week has been Jack and the Beanstalk and the children have blown me away with their ability to write the story – Amazing !

We have also been carrying on with our topic work. We had a fun afternoon looking at figure drawing. We are trying to move away from drawing stick men for people. so we began by exploring what our bodies really look like and what parts we could see.

We have continued with our work looking at another faith. Miss Mohammad brought her prayer mats in for us to have a look at. It helped us see the patterns, colours and designs that many of these mats have  and we were able to design our own.

Thank you for letting the children bring in their own special objects and we have enjoyed hearing about them.

We looked at some of the special clothing that we might see Muslim children wear.

To finish the week we spent time in the ICT suite to finish our Jack and the Beanstalk work by painting pictures to go with our stories.


RE topic

In our RE lessons we have just started looking at other world faiths and have begun work on Islam. This is carried out in a very simple way and we have begun with looking at special objects and why they are special to us and how we look after and respect objects which someone holds dear. Some of the children have brought in special objects from home to show the class. If your child would like to bring something special in please do so next week and they can tell everyone about it.

In our maths sessions we have moved on to 3D shapes and pattern making.  It would be great if they could spend some time looking around the house to see which shapes they can find. We have learnt about the properties of cubes, cuboids, cones, cylinders, spheres and pyramids. Ask the children what they know about these shapes and see if they can amaze you with the language they use.

Check out the newsletter to see how our beans are doing. We still have some that have survived so fingers crossed we may even get some beans one day.

Hope you all have a sunny weekend.



W/b 30.4.18

The children have been working very hard this week.

In our Maths sessions we have been looking at doubling and halving. We have used a range of different manipulatives to explore these 2 concepts and the relationship between them.  To help reinforce our work I would much appreciate it if you could help your child spot any evidence of doubling and halving around them.

In our RE work we have been exploring the affect the Holy Spirit had on the disciples and have heard the story of Pentecost.  We learnt that the symbols of wind and fire are often used to symbolise the Holy Spirit and so the children made windmills and played with the bubbles outside to help  them reflect on the the story.

The children are enjoying the new provision outside and thankfully we have had some dry spells this week when the children have been able to get outside to learn.