What a busy week!

Wow!  What a busy week we have had in school this week.  We celebrated pancake day on Tuesday where we had a go at making some pancakes in the staff room.  Then we got to choose our own toppings to add to the pancakes and eat them.  I think the chocolate spread was a favourite!

On Wednesday, we celebrated Ash Wednesday by taking part in Mass and learning all about the start of Lent.  Children made their own promises so I’m looking forward to hearing if anyone keeps them (especially the ones about helping to tidy up at home!).

Friday was our World Book Day celebration and everyone made a fantastic effort and we had some wonderful outfits in our class.  Author Mike Boyle came in to share his story Canary across the Mersey and the Year 6 children came in to read with us.


Bake Sale and plea for help with Wilf.

Just a reminder to all parents that it is the Reception cake sale on Friday after school.  We would be very grateful for any donations you can provide that we can sell.  The cake sales have proved very popular over the past few weeks and we want to make our cake sale the best!


Also,  as we are approaching half term, we are looking for some one to take Wilf home for the week.  If anyone is willing to look after him for us, that would be wonderful.  Email me m.mycroft@stwilfridssheffield.co.uk if you can help us!


What have we been doing this week!

This week in reception, we have been busy learning about lots of different things.  In Maths, we have secured our knowledge using numbers 1-15 and we are beginning to look at how we can group and share different numbers.

In topic, we tried to use our map reading skills to find different letters of the alphabet in the playground.  Unfortunately, the weather made this very difficult so we are going to try again next week.

We looked at the Chinese New Year celebrations on Friday and found out that all the children were born in the year of the horse!  We really enjoyed making our paper lanterns and the classroom is now covered in glitter!


Urgent appeal for clothes!

We have run out of spare clothes in KS1.  We are in desperate need of donations of spare socks, tights and pants for the children if you have anything you could donate.

We would also like to request that you bring in some spare clothes for your children that we can keep in their PE bags.

Can you check that your child has PE shoes or trainers in school just in case of any accidents and we can change their shoes too!

Thank you

Miss Mycroft


Last Minute Plea

Thank you very much for everyone who has already sent in some celebration photographs.  Can I please ask for any more photographs to be sent in as we would love to add them to our quiet corner and use them within our RE lesson on Thursday!


Spring Term

Thank you all for your warm welcome this week as I have settled into Reception Class.  I am looking forward to this next term and from my first week in, I can see this class are a fantastic group of children.

We are going to be looking at different celebrations this week and to update our quiet corner, we would like to add some pictures of your celebrations at home.  If you have any pictures of any celebrations, we would be grateful if you could email them in.  My email address is m.mycroft@stwilfridssheffield.co.uk for any photos and if you need to get in touch with me for any reason.